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To Empower Women

To Strengthen Our Network

Use Your Voice & Impact The World


A Global Movement 

The International Black Women’s Congress is comprised of women of African descent from all walks of life all around the world. We understand the benefit of a network system that exists at the local, national and international levels. Our members feel that it is time for women of African descent to organize around our own needs and address our problems from an African-centered perspective. Are you ready to join this global movement? We can’t wait to welcome you! Join us today.

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Use Your Voice

Impact the World & Use your power!

To the sister who never thought of bowing to the weight that Black women have carried for so long, we collectively say: “Here we stand willingly taking that which you have bequeathed us.”

We believes that we must build an African centered view of womanhood–a model that speaks to the multifaceted roles that Black women continue to play.

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Empower Our
Women And Girls

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